Our first initiative: 
Purchase and renovate the Sunflower Grocery Store and convert the store into a Community Owned Grocery Store.  As a Community Owned Grocery Store, both current and former residents will donate to and/or invest in a newly created Corporation called Eudora Restoration, Inc. This Corporation will be purchasing the store.  Listed below is a summary of the action items that will be taken in order to acquire the grocery store.  

Action Plan:
  • Get the Grocery Store (including all Equipment) inspected by licensed Professional Contractors
  • Incorporate the Business (Eudora Restoration, Inc., an Arkansas Corporation) that will acquire Sunflower and set-up the company’s Bank Account (at a bank located in Eudora)
  • Collect the initial funds to cover the start-up costs (Deposit, Utility bill, Filings, etc.) from the Angel Investors and deposit the funds in the bank
(The Angel Investors’ donations will not be returned if the purchase is not finalized because their funds will be used to take care of the Start-up costs!)
  • Get the Purchase Agreement approved and signed by the current owner
  • Meet with the Eudora community to discuss the project and to continue to build community support (April 11th @8am)
  • Kick-off the Crowd Funding campaign to raise the Capital needed to purchase the Sunflower Grocery store
  • Finalize the Business Acquisition and the work required to open the Community Owned Grocery Store!!
Special Note!:
  • All Donors and Investors (except for Angel Investors) will have their contributed funds returned to them if the Sunflower Grocery store purchase is not finalized in 2020.  
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